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holder_black_40x1.gif (808 bytes)dec_wlcap.gif (1778 bytes) Smithville Public Library is always buying new books for public enjoyment.  The books below are the latest to be added to our collection.

New Books - November 2000

Steel, Danielle Journey
Deuterman, P.T. Zero Option
Coonts, Stephen Hong Kong
Baldacci, David Wish You Well
Ludlum, Robert The Prometheius Deception
Fielding, Joy The First Time
Walters, Mineete The Sculptress
Cox, Josephine Somewhere. Someday
Allbeury, Ted The Assests
Walters, Minette The Shape of Snakes
Block, Lawrence Hit List
Lindsey, Johanna Home for the Holidays
Woods, Stuart L.A. Dead
Howard, Audrey The Seasons Will Pass
Cox, Josephine Looking Back
Updike, John Licks of Love
Christie, Agatha Spider's Web
Slade, Michael Hangman
McMurtry, Larry Boone's Lick

Past Archieves


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