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holder_black_40x1.gif (808 bytes)dec_wlcap.gif (1778 bytes) The Smithville Public Library has a very large software selection, mainly geared towards youth education and school resources.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego AGES 8 to 12
Expand your knowledge of world geography and languages as you track villains through 50 beautifully painted, scrolling landscapes from around the world, each rich with history, culture, and music. Spoken clues from over 200 animated characters you meet along the way will help you learn more about each country and culture you visit. Or take a guided tour with one of the ACME Good Guides™ and collect clues for future cases.
AGES 6 to 10
Part of our Magic School Bus collection includes MSB Ocean. Explore the ocean with Mrs. Frizzle learning all about underwater life while having fun playing challenging games.
AGES 6 to 10
Another MSB program we have is MSB Rainforest. You can study how the rainforest functions and and what different animals are in it.
For a stronger challenge try The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain. With three difficulty levels to choose from this game can offer a great mind bender then any of our other choices.


Jungle Book - A live video based game you try and save King Louie's crown from humans while learning how to treat the jungle. This 2 CD game can take some time and get tedious but is exciting and an interesting way of playing non the less.

American Tale DEMO - A sample of the American Tale computer game.

Land Before Time DEMO - The land before time computer game demo.

Dinosaur Adventure - A knowledge adventure exploring information on dinosaurs.

Milly Fitzwilly's Mousecatcher - Interactive Story Book

The Cat Came Back - Popular song and story, the Cat Came back

The Little Engine - Interactive Story Book

Office & Design

Corel Draw 8 is the leading graphics program available in North America. Capable of the most advanced Desktop Publishing and computer graphics it is a powerful tool to create amazing documents and pictures.
soft_wp2000.jpg (4535 bytes) Corel Word Perfect Office 2000 can create any word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation document. It's laid out so that it is fairly easy to use and is very stable so you don't lose your important documents.
Paint Shop Pro 5 is a very basic yet very advanced Graphics program mainly used to create internet graphics however can be applied to anything.


Microsoft Office 97 - If you don't want to use Corel Word Perfect we also have Microsoft Office 97 which is also a very powerful word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation creator.


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