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holder_black_40x1.gif (808 bytes)dec_wlcap.gif (1778 bytes) Wellandport Public Library is part of the community center in Wellandport.  The library has hardcover and paperback books, magazines and pamphlets, Dutch language books, literacy material, children's VHS videocassettes, children's musical cassettes, children's books and cassettes.  In addition to that there is a computer available for public access to the Internet and other software titles.  We have a photocopy machine and printer which there is a 15 cents/copy charge.

Youth Activities
Summer Reading Program      
Dates : Early July to mid August
Times : Ask at desk for details

Restrictions : All children welcome.

Story Time      
: Runs throughout the school year for preschoolers
Times : Ask at desk for details on times and dates

Restrictions : Preschoolers
Events : Crafts, story reading, and songs!

March Break Program       
Dates : One afternoon during march break, ask for details
Restrictions : Open to public
Events : Varies, ask for details
Cost : There is normally a minimal cost for admission

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A d d r e s s :

5042 Canborough Rd.
Wellandport ON
L0R 2

P h o n e :

E - m a i l

H o u r s :
Mon. : 7pm-9pm
Tues. : 7pm-9pm
Wed. : 9am-1pm
Thurs. : 7pm-9pm
Fri. : Closed
Sat. : 9am-1pm
Sun. : Closed

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