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holder_black_40x1.gif (808 bytes)dec_wlcap.gif (1778 bytes) Smithville Public Library is always buying new books for public enjoyment.  The books below are fairly recent editions to be added to our collection.

October 2000

McDermid, Val Killing the Shadows
Hess, Joan A Holly, Jolly Murder
Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy Well of Darkness
Sparks, Nicholas The Rescue
Vachss, Andrew Dead and Gone
Kingsolver, Barbara Poisonwood Bible
Hamilton, Jane A Map of the World
Margolin, Phillip Wild Justice
Cookson, Catherine A House Divided
Francis, Dick Shattered
Sanford, John The Devil's Code
Sheldon, Sidney The Sky is Falling
Thoene, Bodie & Brock Thunder From Jersalem
Deveraux, Jude Temptation
Courtenay, Bryce Solomon's Song
Pullman, Philip The Amber Glass
Barker, Robert B. Perish Twice
Rice, Anne Merrick
Perry, Anne Slaves of Obsession
Herbert, Brian Dune: House Harkonnen
Greeley, Andrew M. A Christmas Wedding
Cornwell, Patricia The Last Precinct
Wilson, F. Paul All the Rage
Evans, Richard Paul The Carousel

September 2000

Leonard, Elmore Pagan Babies
Bowen, Gail Burying Ariel
Brooks, Terry The Voyage of the Jerie Shannara
Binchy, Maeve Scarlet Feather
Gedge, Pauline The Horus Road
Brown, Sandra The Switch
Rosenberg, Nancy T. Buried Evidence
McCullough, Colleen Morgan's Run
Atwood, Barbara The Blind Assasin
Vine, Barbara Grasshopper
Andrews, V.C. Jade
Andrews, V.C. Cat
Andrews, V.C. Misty
Andrews, V.C. Star
Basco, Monica R. Never Good Enough

August 2000

Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Folly
Gear, Kathleen & Michael The Summoning God
Reichs, Kathy Deadly Decisions
Burke, James Lee Pruple Cane Road
Grippando, James Under Cover of Darkness
Siddons, Anne Rivers Nora, Nora
McCaffrey, Anne Acorna's World
Pilcher, Rosamunde Winter Solstice
Hoag, Tami Dust to Dust
Morrison, Toni The Bluest Eye
Kellerman, Faye Stalker
Cussler, Clive Blue Gold
Goodkind, Terry Faith of the Fallen
Clancy, Tom The Bear and the Dragon
McMurtry, Larry Roads

July 2000

Ludlum, Robert The Haddes Factor
Tranter, Nigel Courting Favour
Straub, Peter Magic Terror
Griffin, W.E.B. The Fighting Agents
Steel, Danielle The House on Hope Street
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Justice Denied
Shields, Jody The Fig Eater
Coulter, Catherine Riptide
McNaught, Judith Until You
Andrews, V.C. Lightning Strikes
Greeley, Andrew The Bishop and the Missing 'L' Train
Collins, Jackie Lethal Seduction
Truman, Margaret Murder in Foggy Bottom
Garwood, Julie Heartbreaker
Howatch, Susan The High Flyer
Puzo, Mario Omerta

June 2000

Morris, Gilbert The Song of Princes
Morris, Gilbert The Winds of God
Morris, Gilbert The Shield of Honor
Morris, Gilbert The Fields of Glory
Lacy, Al A Time to Love
Lacy, Al Secrets of the Heart
Lacy, Al The Tender Flame
Lacy, Al Ranson of Love
Lacy, Al Blessed are the Merciful
Jakes, John On Secret Service
Saul, John Nightshade
Johansen, Iris The Search
Delinsky, Barbara The Vineyard
Robinson, Patrick U.S.S. Seawolf
Stirling, Jessica The Strawberry Season
Huston, James W. Flash Point
Llewellyn, Sam The Sea Garden
Morris, Gilbert Sound the Trumpet
Morris, Gilbert Song in a Strange Land
Morris, Gilbert Tread Upon the Lion
Morris, Gilbert Arrow of the Almighty
Morris, Gilbert Wind From the Wilderness
Morris, Gilbert Command the Sun
Morris, Gilbert The Right Hand of God
Morris, Gilbert The Gathering
Morris, Gilbert The Ramparts

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