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holder_black_40x1.gif (808 bytes)dec_wlcap.gif (1778 bytes) Smithville Public Library is the main branch of the West Lincoln Public Libraries and also the lead center in the CAP project.  The library has hardcover and paperback books, magazines and pamphlets, Dutch language books, literacy material, children's VHS videocassettes, children's musical cassettes, children's books and cassettes.  In addition to that there are computers available for public access to the Internet and other software titles.  We have a photocopy machine and printer which there is a 15 cents/copy charge.

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The Library         
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Youth Activities
Story Time      
Dates : Story Time is not currently running.
Times : N/A

Restrictions : Story time is open to pre-schoolers.
Fee : Free

Other Programs & Events
Board Meetings      

Dates : Every third Tuesday of every month.

Times : Usually starting at 7:30 p.m.
Restrictions : None.
Fee : Free

Adult Computer Lessons        
: Appointment based only.
Times : Appointment based only.
Restrictions : No one under 16.
Fee : Free
Classes : Below is a listing of all the classes offered

Course Description Difficulty
Beginner Internet Surf the net and search for the information you want to find. 1
Advanced Internet Review of surfing the net plus e-mail and more advanced Internet features. 2
Beginner Computer Introduction to the basic components of a system, how to navigate Windows 98. 2
Advanced Computer (Hardware) Install hardware, remove hardware, minor troubleshooting tips, attatch and detatch a printer. 4
Advanced Computer (Software) Manage files, install software, remove software, take more control of Windows 98. 5
Information Processing Type letters in a word processor, design posters in a graphic design program, or work with spreadsheets and charts. 3
Web Page Development Using MS FrontPage 98 to develop and maintain a web page.  Should know computer software and graphics well before taking this course. 5
Computer Graphics Design graphics using Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro 5.  This course is mainly intended as a prerequisit to Web Page Development. 4
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A d d r e s s :

318 Canborough St.
Smithville ON
L0R 2A0

P h o n e :

F a x :

E - m a i l

H o u r s :
Mon. : 7pm-9pm
Tues. : 10am-5pm
Wed. : 10am-5pm
Thurs. : 10am-5pm
Fri. : 7pm-9pm
Sat. : 10am-5pm
Sun. : Closed

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